Even negative tweets hide some valuable feedback

The best way to improve your business is by getting as much feedback as possible (alwasy keep in mind “Bad feedback is good. No feedback is bad“). And this includes getting feedback from non-customers if you are somehow able to learn why they decided not to buy your product.

Unfortunately, you can’t know who does not sign up for you service unless that person decides to say so. If s/he says it in private then great! you can start a conversation and maybe, even, change her mind (though your focus should be to learn as much as possible not trying to push your service, this won’t work).

The problem is when they say it in public as recently happened to us:

Does anyone have any recommendations on good A/B testing solutions for a WordPress site? I’m looking at wp-abtesting.com – not great.

The person that wrote this tweet is not one of our clients nor has he ever contacted us to discuss his opinion on our service. Our first reaction was obviously to get mad at him. Why should he tell to his several thousands followers that he does not like our service if he did not even try it?. But getting mad does not help so we reached out to see if he could learn more about the reasons behind his tweet.

He replied by saying

The pricing structure on your website is totally inconsistent. Makes it tough to trust the product! pic.twitter.com/xQjmvQGVij

At that point we realized he got confused because the webpage displays the price in $ but the payment page managed by FastSpring was showing the price in his local currency (Canadian dollars). So, he was wrong (the price WAS consistent) and because of his wrong perception now quite a few people may have the feeling that our serivce is “not great”. We can’t delete his tweet and he won’t do it either but at least we can use this conversation to learn that we should improve the way we display prices to avoid this problem in the future.

Negative tweets are not the best way to get feedback but make the best out of it and learn something useful for your business!

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