Google is giving me back my traffic (one year later)

google-penguinThe last couple of weeks I noticed a steep increase in the daily visits to my SW modeling research site. A closer look revealed that the increase was due to Google showing me some love. As you can see in the graphic, the proportion of visits coming from (organic, no paid ads for the site) searches has almost doubled. This, for that site, means around 200 visits more per day.


It’s curious that this is happening almost exactly one year after the same site got hit by the Google penguin. As I reported then, we could say that there was a valid reason (albeit external and unintentional) for the hit, I perfectly understand how nerve-wracking the continuous updates on google algorithms must be for all those site owners whose income mainly depends on their ranking in google.

Even if with one year of delay, I hope this is an example that the “content is king” motto is still valid (if you manage to survive long enough…)

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2 thoughts on “Google is giving me back my traffic (one year later)

  1. Now my problem is that when I try to check the keywords that are bringing this traffic, my most popular keyword (responsible for an staggering 61% of my search traffic) is the dreaded “not provided”.

    For info, “On October 18, 2011, Google announced they will no longer pass keyword query data through its referrer string for logged in users. This means that instead of showing organic keyword data in Google Analytics, visits from users logged into Google will show as “not provided.” At the time, Google said they expected this to effect less than 10% of all search queries”. Source and more info at

    I guess I’m the unfortunate exception!

    1. You’re no exception at all. “Not provided” is every SEO’s nightmare :S
      Anyway, congrats on your recently recovered organic traffic 🙂

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