A company facebook page may be a waste of time – some numbers from mine

It’s fine to be on Facebook. And maybe it works for you but clearly it doesn’t for me.

I created my company facebook page in 2011. Currently it has 780 likes/followers. Now there are no ads for the page (I spent some money some months ago to get “likes” but I was unsure about whether I was getting any real benefit of those likes so I stopped shortly after).

I recently spend some time checking and comparing the impact of the “status” I post there and the results are quite disappointing:

– On average each new post is only seen by 5% of my followers
– This was true even during the two days I run ads on my page (to recheck my past failed experience with ads) where the reach was around 20.000 people
– I´ve compared the numbers of October with those of previous months. The average number of people that sees each post has decreased in a 50% (standard deviation is really small, so it’s not like in previous months a had a hugely popular post that justify a big change on the mean). Does this have something to do with the fact that now you can promote posts? (i.e. could Facebook be more reluctant to show your posts to people if you don’t explicitly pay to promote them?)

So, be on facebook but don´t waste too much time/money. Chances are you won´t get a ROI from it. Me, I´ll continue adding there the same links I already spread in other places like twitter and google+ but I don’t have any specific plan for the facebook page. Given my success so far I´ll focus on other social networks for marketing purposes.

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