Best productivity tool: improve your typing skills

Each so-called expert has a different opinion on what to do to maximize your productivity but sometimes the solution is at your fingertips. And in this case, I say it literally.

Most of the things we do involve typing. Obviously coding is an important one but just think about how many emails you reply each day!. Therefore, there’s no doubt about it, the easiest way to get more things done is to speed up your typing (at least to the point in which you don’t need to look at the keys you’re pressing).

Fortunately, there are many (free) online tools you can use to practice like these two lists). And if you want a specific Typing Practice for Programmers, check

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4 thoughts on “Best productivity tool: improve your typing skills

  1. I have been postponing the improvement of my typing skill since the beginning of my bachelor in Computer Science. Now, 17 years later and being a PhD, I still look at the keyboard often.
    Have you actually done this type of training recently? It takes some discipline… The more things I have to do, the more it would benefit me but the less time I feel I have available for the training.

    1. As many things in life, it´s much better if you learn them when you are a kid when you have more time and you learn faster. I spent one full summer taking an intensive typing course. I hated that but I guess this is one of those things where my parents proved to be right (in forcing me to take it)

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