Too much KISS will kill you

The KISS principle is probably the most popular one among entrepreneurs these days. But, as all things in life, we must be careful to know when our list of features is simple enough. Even Einstein warned “us” saying that a theory should be as simple as possible, but no simpler.

And today I found a good example of that, this payment fees comparator. As the authors say: “a tool to compare different payment gateway fees, and find the one that would be the lowest for your needs”. I had bookmarked the link some time ago and today I decided to give it a try? The result I find it completely useless. The problem of finding the best payment gateway for your site is a very complex one and oversimplifying it to a single comparison feature (the commissions of the providers) makes it useless (IMHO). For instance, I already discussed before than when starting, the most important feature from a payment gateway is its easiness of integration. In the beginning, you must focus on getting your product ready and getting some clients. Whether the provider charges you 1% more or less is secondary until you don’t have plenty of clients. And by the way, the fact that the app always gives as best solution the one the creator works for does not help either, but this is a different story…

So, long life to the KISS principle but with moderation. Make sure your minimal set of features still provide a read added value to your users!!

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