Sorry, but I’m not in twitter to follow your personal life

I use twitter as a work tool every day and I’m always looking for new people to follow (among the ones that follow me or thanks to the twilert search alerts that I’ve setup).

Unfortunately, I end up following few of the interesting people I find because there is too much noise in their accounts (noise defined as “a lot of personal tweets”).

Let’s be honest, I’m really glad that you enjoyed your bagel with cream cheese this morning or that you became the mayor of X but I don’t really care. So, if I don’t follow you back don’t get mad at me, it’s not personal, I just don’t have time/interest in your personal life.

So, if you created a twitter account as part of your marketing strategy for your mISV please make sure that each tweet is worth reading. Keep personal stuff for your personal twitter account but don’t mix things up. I (and for sure others) would appreciate it. Thanks!

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4 thoughts on “Sorry, but I’m not in twitter to follow your personal life

    1. I understand your point but to me, the fact that you´re not only an engineer is fine but it´s not the part of you that I want to know (of course, maybe others do want to get to know you as a person as well, but this is not my case). You can just create a separate personal twitter account where you talk about your personal stuff

  1. I think this can be an individual taste. I agree with that sentence about trivial tweets (foursquare, e.g.).

    But, personally, if I follow someBODY, I wish to think that there is a real person behind the profile.
    I do want to know her real-life/politics position/travelling issues/football opinions/hobbies that everybody has.

    At life, we cannot met only the professional slice of someone. At twitter, I avoid to do that.

    😉 See you

  2. I fully agree.
    Yes, you are the same person but you don’t use a single social network for everything. For example, linkedin is a professional network, facebook is mainly for sharing everyday life with your friends, and so on. Twitter is a general social network that tipically is also feeded by other networks. If you don’t mix your professional and personal life from linkedin and twitter why mixed them in twitter?
    The solution, as Jordi says and I do, is separate twitter accounts.
    The “social noise” is a general problem, including in the same network. I recomend read this post about that matter:

    (it’s in spanish but you can get a google translate version):

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