Adopt a post, a client suggested business model

Once again, it’s absolutely true that listening to your customers opens the door to new opportunities that you’d not have thought about alone.

As part of my strategy to get some revenue out of the modeling languages portal we were selling ad space for a monthly fee. Now, thanks to the feedback of a customer, we give also the possibility of adopting a post, i.e. of putting your ad in a single post for life (e.g. see the first one).

Of course, not all posts can be adoped nor any company can adopt a specific post (e.g. no ads on posts that talk about direct competitors) but it’s a nice complementary business model that allow companies with a limited marketing budget appear in the portal, and all thanks to 1 – the suggestion of an interested client and 2 – our openness to adapt to what the client ones.

Don’t be afraid of evolving your business to better satisfy what your customers want, who better than them to know what’s good for them?

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