You’re not so bad (nor so good) as others say

We all agree that “bad feedback is good – no feedback is bad” but when feedback arrives you must be careful not take it personally. During your entrepreneurial life you’ll find all kinds of customers (toxic, funny, nice, serious, annoying,…) and if you let each of them to affect you personally you’ll live in a permanent emotional rollercoaster.

My recipe for this? Each time you get customer feedback read it very attentively but keep in mind that you’re not so bad (and nor so good) as the customer says.

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2 thoughts on “You’re not so bad (nor so good) as others say

  1. Agree. Otherwise you’ll experience burnout soon. Especially if your product pretty young you’ll likely receive tones of bug reports and critics. Don’t take it too personally and consider it as not problems but opportunities.

  2. +1 Additionally, however you imagined your products to be used, your customers will find new ways. Help them! Adopt your usability to their issues. Keep on looking for new opportunities and use cases. But don’t lose sight on what you want to do.

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