Be proactive. Go find some clients!

So you have your brand new site online, your AdWords campaign is on and you’re just waiting for your potential client to start pouring in. WRONG attitude, you are losing clients as we speak!

Many potential customers will never find you online, no matter how many people link to your site or how many ad impressions you pay. You need to reach out and tell them that you exist.

For my WordPress <-> Drupal Migration service I have set up daily google alerts and twitter alerts to try to catch people talking/asking/commenting on anything that includes “wordpress” and “drupal” in the same  sentence. Nevertheless, and perhaps surprisingly, what has worked better for me has been to join several sites for freelance jobs (like FreelanceroDesk or GeekFrelancers) and see if anybody was searching for a freelance to perform a migration like the one I offer.

With barely three weeks in the market, my experience is not statistically significant but:

  • 50% of my income has come from sponateneous customers
  • 50% of my income has come from customers where I started the conversation after detecting his/her need thanks to an alert, a job posted in a freelance site,..

Will you really risk losing half of your clients? Be proactive, go and find some clients!

What else do you do to find potential clients? Please share your wisdom!

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6 thoughts on “Be proactive. Go find some clients!

  1. There is a risk here. Trying proactive approach requires good communication and direct selling skills. If you are not skilled enough you may spend much time hanging on forums, conferences, trade shows with interesting people but have no sales. So, you must always revise your strategy. If you feel that you spend much time but have no sales from your “proactivity” you definitely have to change something in your approach.

    1. If you have a problem doing a sales speech, there are companies who can either help you learn it, or actually do it for you. This will cost, but it might just kick-start a business.

      But the bottom line is, that you need to get out and tell everyone you are there. And the more you tell it to, the more likely it is, that the customers call you, instead of you have to call them.

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