How to get some revenue out of a 500 visits/day SW portal? Sell yourself ad space!

I already argued before about the importance of getting some ancillary revenue  and how I had, so far, failed miserably at doing it. Being the sole administrator of a portal that attracts around 500 visits per day (in a very specific domain: software modeling and model-driven engineering) I had the feeling that I should be able to make some money out of it (not to become rich but at least to cover the expensed of the dedicated server where the portal is located).

Since my results with several affiliation programs (adsense, flattr, amazon) have not been very successful and after asking for some suggestions to the, always useful, business of software  I’ve decided to take matters in my own hands and sell directly ad space to vendors of tools related to the portal contents.

So far I’m very happy with the results. I already sold the first ad (thanks DrExplain) and hopefully I’ll sell the other two main ad spaces available soon. It’s basically a zero risk strategy so don’t wait and give it a try!!

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5 thoughts on “How to get some revenue out of a 500 visits/day SW portal? Sell yourself ad space!

  1. I guess that by BSA you mean BuySellAds (and not Business Software Alliance 🙂 )

    This particular advertiser came out of the blue. He just read my question in the forum, went to the site and contacted me. However, my “search advertiser approach” is first to have the “your ad here” boxes in the site so that all visitors see that advertising is possible and then as a second step (that I have not yet implemented) would be to contact directly tool vendors that I know and offer them the slot.

    I didn’t try BuySellAds for two reasons 1 – I was not sure that they had enough advertisers of my domain (even if you consider my domain as “software engineering” and not just model-driven engineering) and 2 – I think I know many of them myself so I was not sure of the added value they could provide in my case.

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